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WordPress Setup Service – Get Your WordPress Site in 48 Hours

WordPress Setup ServiceDo you have a business idea you’ve wanted to get up and running but need a website and don’t know where to start? If you’ve been looking for someone to setup a website for you to start your new business venture then we can help. Our WordPress setup service is perfect for new business owners or even businesses who already have a website but need help setting things up or want a fresh look.

Installing a WordPress site can be a time consuming task. Not to mention knowing which plugins to install and having to configure them all with the correct setting. This can all become a bit daunting.

Maybe you’ve not even heard of WordPress before and have just been looking for someone to create your website but have only found large corporate design agencies who charge thousands. If this is also the case then our WordPress installation service can definitely help you.

Below is everything you need to know about our affordable WordPress services, why WordPress is a great choice for your website and what you need to get started.

Why WordPress Powers Over 27% of the Web

As of October 2016, 27.1% of all websites are being run by WordPress. This is a staggering figure with an even more staggering 58.5% of the CMS (content management system) market share.

This is no shock to most web developers and tech savvy enthusiasts though but you may be wondering “Why is WordPress So Popular?” and “Why Should I Use WordPress for my Blog or Website?”.

WordPress has easily been the go to web development platform for many years because of it’s simplistic usability yet robust functionality. There are literally thousands of ready made free and premium templates across the web to choose from and some extremely useful plugins makes the WordPress platform furthermore salable than any other CMS.

Still not convinced? WordPress is used by some of the biggest and well known brands in the world; notably Sony Music, The New York Times, BBC America and the PlayStation Blog are just some of them.

So now you know WordPress is great, what can you expect from this service?

We’ll Have Your Website Up and Running Within 48 Hours With Our WordPress Setup Service

Other than getting your site online fast (with the option of getting it faster), our WordPress set up service wouldn’t be complete without our standard set of important features and addons so you can make the most from your new website from day one.

What’s Included?

Installing domain & web hosting: Whether you’ve purchased your domain name and hosting from us or elsewhere, we’ll set this up for you. We’ll point your domain to your hosting account and then proceed on to the next step. PLEASE NOTE: To add a domain name and/or hosting to your order, just select these extras in the options.

WordPress Installation: We will then install WordPress on your chosen hosting account. We’ll configure all the settings, add your business details and create up to 5 pages that you request.

Install Essential Plugins: WordPress plugins offer extra functionality and improvements on it’s core features. We’ll add these plugins for added security and SEO benefits (help search engines find your website).

Install a Premium Theme: No WordPress site is complete without installing a great looking theme and we have over 90 premium themes for you to choose from at no additional cost. That’s a saving of up to £60 ($69).

That’s it! Once we’ve setup your WordPress site, you’ll be able view your site at your new domain name. We’ll also send you details via email of how to login to your WordPress admin so you can start adding your businesses content like about us info, welcome messages, mission statements and blog posts.

How much will this WordPress setup service cost me?

Our basic WordPress installation service is the most affordable at just £125.

What is not included?

As this service is our most basic package, the end result is a 5 page WordPress website with the premium theme’s default settings. It doesn’t include a custom designed logo, customised theme layout or any content other than what the default theme comes with. However, this will be more than sufficient enough to function as your businesses website if you’re on a budget and it’ll look great. We can always add extra features or make custom modifications at a later date too.

What are the pros and cons of this service?

Pros: The pros of this service is a great looking website that you can easily manage yourself at a very low price and completed in just a couple of days.

Cons: There are no real cons to this service other than the website not being unique. Using WordPress themes are a great way to get your website up and running extremely fast but at the price of a custom branded design. Themes do however allow for the opportunity of design customisation to make your website unique at a much lower cost than creating a custom design from scratch. This could be the difference of spending hundreds to thousands on a websites design.

What if I Want More From My WordPress Site?

We offer WordPress theme customisations or complete custom made websites to exacly match your current brand. Contact us today to get a free quote.